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The Butcher

Danie Rossouw. Daniel. The Butcher. But to you, our extended family, Danie. 

Inspired by my stepfather’s passion and profession in Fleischmeister, my life took a 180 degrees flip as I travelled from Helderberg to Germany to further my studies in butchery.


Before I started my journey in becoming a Fleischmeister, I studied German for 6 months in Hannover. Making me fluent in Afrikaans, German and English. Fast forward 2 years later and I found myself back on home ground where I met my beautiful wife, Leana.


After gaining invaluable experience along side the Freddy Hirsch Group, my wife and I took a big leap as I continued to hone my skills as a butcher in London at The Savanna. 7 years later we found ourselves back home (but of course) as I made my way through years of experience within the industry, leading me to my biggest milestone yet The Butcher & Son. 

The Meat Emporium

Being in the Meat industry for almost 22 year, gaining knowledge from respectable experts (locally and abroad), I am proud and humbled by the opportunity to offer you honest and high quality produce, containing no harmful substance.


We source from respective suppliers all over South Africa. We validate our suppliers by completing an in-house Food Safety audit of their premises. We are then able to select the most suitable products for our business, focused on health and optimal nutrition, while considering the most ethical approach to farming. Our free-range products are sourced from local farms in our immediate area. Hand-selected according to their farming beliefs and practices.


Please note: replacement options are available when products are not available, as our own menu is seasonally based.

The Meat Emporium
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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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